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Soccer Aid!

WOW. What a weekend! I am still slightly over-excited that I was all of 4 feet away from Robbie Williams and all the Soccer Aid team! (ROBBIE WILLIAMS!).

Front row seats for a fantastic night watching the football, with all the celebs on the pitch, is definitely one of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday!

The list of hot male celebs was pretty much endless – meaning we were happy girlies!
Olly Murs had a brilliant game before an unlucky injury, meaning he had to be substituted… BOO!

John Bishop gave it his all for the full 90 mins and Aston Merrygold ran around that pitch like a little whippet!

Robbie was rumoured to be too injured to play at all when we took our seats. We all perked up when we realised he was out training with the rest of the squad… (right in front of us may I add!)
We did have to wait until the second half for him to come on; but better late than never!

Unfortunately Robbie’s first moments on the pitch clashed with the rather scary incident with Gordon Ramsey. A forceful tackle from Teddy Sheringham, left him laying on the pitch unable to move for at least 9 minutes. The medics appeared with a stretcher and spinal board to them carry him off to cheers of the 60,000 strong crowd.
Robbie soon lifted everyone’s spirits with waves, smiles and bows at the crowd! He was positioned directly in front of us which added an extra level of excitment all round!

Both teams were fantastic and made a real effort for all the crowds at the beginning and after the game.

Will Ferrell seemed to be taking it all in, while doing a slow walk around the edge, making sure he made eye contact or offered a wave at any of his big fans. Including the ladies with the “We *heart* you WILL!” banner!

Mark Owen was full of smiles, while Ben Shephard and Graeme Le Saux looked hot in a football kit and didn’t disappoint anyone with their football skills and friendliness. (A sneaky tweet from Ben and Graeme the next day got us through the long train journey back in LDN!)

Jonny Wilkes melted every girl’s heart at the very end of the match, by playing a quick game of footie with the little ‘uns, making sure they had the chance to score against him at Old Trafford!

The entire bunch of celebs were buzzing and looked on top of the world, whether they lost or not!
I could go on and list them all, as every single one made a good effort to thank everyone for coming – meaning it was an unforgettable night for all of their indiviual fans.

The atmosphere was amazing and I cannot wait for next time!
Front row seats please!
(access to the dressing rooms wouldn’t be turned down either, you know… Just saying).

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