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Hottie of the month – Russell Kane!

This is a personal choice this month. I haven’t asked anyone else’s opinion because quite frankly, he was going to be the Hottie of the Month no matter what! So there!

Russell has begun to slowly take over BBC3 and also Ibiza! With his two tv shows recently repeating on the same night weekly, meaning he was on BBC3 for two hours every Thursday (NOT complaining).

Britain Unzipped with Greg James (another popular one for this blog), has been a huge hit! Some fab guests, and hilarious moments, if you missed it, it is SO worth a catch up! I am sure it is still being repeated in the early hours of the morning at some time or other…

Now with his very own sketch and stand-up show Live at the Electric, Russell is once again taking over Thursday evenings on BBC3. We actually went to see a couple of this shows recorded, we were so impressed with the amount of stand-up that Russell did for each episode, a lot that obviously wont make the final cut! He was his usual funny self throughout. Looking hot too!

Live at the Electric also features different sketches by a selection of acts. Joe Wilkinson was on top form through the recordings that we have already seen!

Russell has recently had his first novel published as well. The Humorist is an excellent read. Very dark with fantastic twists and turns. He has really proved himself as an author and shown his natural ability with words.

Russell has quite recently become single once again *swoon*, since then he has turned into a regular at Essex’s famous Sugar Hut bar, as well as now being a regular in Ibiza. Two trips over there in the last month! He is showing his hardcore party side. Who knew!

Pictured all over Twitter with a selection of girls, it looks like he is making the most of single life!

You can buy tickets for Russell’s up and coming tour from his official website:
We will SO be there at his London dates!

You also might want to keep up with his tweets by following him at: @russell_kane

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