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As I am not involved in the process of product buying for WAT or Kissika, I can’t be accused of being biased or trying to sell the products to you! I just let you know my opinion, about the things that I personally like or would buy!

That brings me nicely on to Kissika. Our new sibling site! EXCITING!
I am in love with it. All of it.

Kissika has a gorgeous range of slightly more expensive jewellery, but so worth it!

My favourite piece so far, has to be the ‘Tweet Me’ necklace.
As you all know, I am a fan of tweeting. A lot. About everything. All day. So this was the perfect purchase for me. Annnd, I have had so many compliments about it! YAY for me!

There’s a full range of stuff for girls and guys. All carefully chosen and gorgeous – I think!

Some of my other favourite items are the quote bracelets! So cute.
There are a few different quotes and styles to choose from – again these are for guys or girls too.

Kissika Sterling Silver Motivational Quote Bracelet In Ameythist Beads

Kissika Sterling Silver Motivational Quote Bracelet In Ameythist Beads

I know the last couple of blogs have been about shopping. I am honestly not trying to get you all to spend your money on things I like, but you might quite like them too!
I promise to include some of my usual rambling and general blogs next!

In the meantime, have a little look over at – I take no responsibility for your spending actions.


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