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I had such a great reaction on here and Twitter regarding the Alex Day and Charlie *aww* McDonnell (that is definitely his full name. Is on here now anyway).

So much so, that I thought I owed you all a little follow up blog!

Well, Alex Day emailed me and said he liked the blog so that was cool. Alex’ dad also commented on the blog saying he liked it and you all commented and tweeted me, telling me how much *you* liked it! SO YAY ALL ROUND!

Charlie, I am sure liked it too, just in a more discreet, not saying anything kinda way. Right? Either that, or he hated it but is far too polite to say.

Anyway, I have now well and truely been introduced into the world of YouTube. My 15yr old nephew will be so happy about this, I am sure! (Yeah, I am 24 and have 15yr old nephew. Little fact for you there. You are welcome).

I’ve since seen all about Sopio – Alex Day’s card game, that he created with his cousin Danny. LOOK, I am just throwing facts at you today! Now know of the full range of things you can buy or read or listen to or watch involving Alex Day. (I wonder if there is a limit on how many times I can write Alex Day in this blog without it becoming annoying).
You’ve all made sure that I am fully aware of EVERYTHING.

Louise, will get the pleasure of trying out the Sopio game with me soon. She is so very lucky.

There’s also been plenty of other YouTubers pointed out to me, I will be sure to catch up on some of their videos in the near future!

So, thank you all for your responses, so glad you enjoyed it!
I am sure I’ll now make the world of Alex and Charlie a regular thing on here in some way, shape or form!

I am absolutely sure there was something else I wanted to include in this blog, I cannot for the life of me think what it was… So there may be a part 2 coming soon. Or not.


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