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Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis, and Greg Rutherford


I have done little else other than watch the Olympics over the last week!

I was also lucky enough to go and see some of them, at Wembley – what an amazing atmosphere.

All of you who have been to the Stratford Olympic Park… I have NEVER been so jealous!
I was even more jealous, of the people who were uploading Instagram pics of them sitting infront of the Princes. *stares*

Oh Team GB! How we love you all! Gold medal winners, Silver medal winners, Bronze medal winners *annnnd* every other Olympian in our team! You’ve all made us so proud!

Mo Farah, Jess Ennis and Greg Rutherford have really stood out, what a fantastic role-models, as well as British Sporting heroes.

The emotion that London 2012 has created amongst Team GB, the crowds and the entire country is really something quite special. Something that I have never seen before. The whole country is positive, happy and all supporting each other, on the same side, wanting the same result. I have loved every minute of it so far!

What are we going to do when it is all over?!

I couldn’t possibly name every single member of the team, but as a whole, they have all done something to give us memories and experiences that we may never have again.

At the moment we have: 16 GOLD medals. GOLD MEDALS! 10 SILVER and 10 Bronze – wow. #Proud

I am going to do a few more Olympic themed blogs before the end of the games.

Our Hottie of the Month is… Greg Rutherford. We also have a guest blog this month from Dan Creeber, he is choosing a Hottie of the Month for you guys out there – also with an Olympic theme!
I’m hoping to do a few individual profile blogs on some of our winners, including a few interview snippets we are hoping to get with them.

Check back soon! GO TEAM GB!

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