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Look Online - Pixie Lott's Silver Perfume Bottle Necklace April 2010

Look On Line say's check out Pixie Lott's High Street jewellery she may be partial to a Dolce & Gabbana fringed bag, but Pixie Lott isn't all about designer clobber. The Look show performer Pixie Lott has been seen wearing the cutest silver charm necklaces we've seen, from online our online jewellery store. Pixie caused a storm when she wore her silver perfume bottle necklace we gave her and we were undated with orders. We sold out of the Perfume Bottle necklaces with day's and then had to put hundreds of customers on a wait list and as soon as the next lot of necklaces came in the necklaces flew out. So sorry guys if you missed out on Pixies gorgeous necklaces we won't be getting anymore in soon :(.