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I am completely obsessed with this bag

This has turn out to be one of those items that you lust after for ages (after seeing so many pics on IG making me want it) but you’re not 100% sure as I am not a ‘Red’ girl and yet I love it. I can’t believe how much I have used it since I got it how well it fits in my wardrobe.

I mean I am just a jeans and tee kind of girl so it easily goes, but yet a red bag. I think it looks its best with a light denim. I absolutely love it with my denim jacket (which I am also obsessed with) It just gives that perfect pop of colour to someone who is usually in monochrome!!

No surprises here then ha ha. I first long my denim jacket from Primark the end of last Summer and I came completely obsessed with it and can’t believe how much I have worn it. I felt like it was missing in my life. Because I love it so much I also picked up another version, which is more light weight from Fearless UK. Also a bargain and fits so well. I would LOVE a Chanel brooch to go on them, but I have had so many before and sold them, that I not sure if it is worth it. I like to wear them with either black jeans (as for me that is acceptable for not being too double denim) or light flowy trousers / joggers on casual days.

If you have followed me for a while you will know I am a sandals girl. I cannot wait for the first day of Spring that I can crack out my toes. I live and die in them all summer until the Winter cold hits and then I am sad. This year I wanted to pick up some styles from Ancient Greek. I literally want the whole collection (which is not good). I am off to Mykonos this summer so I am hoping I can pick up some more Ancient Greek out there!! Eeekk so exciting!!! I also love a high street brand – as you can see quite a few pairs are from New Look. I do like to have quite the collection in different colour / styles so good with all my outfits.

I LOVE sunglasses. A bit like sandals I cannot wait for the summer to come so I can wear them. I just feel like they jazz up a plain outfit and make it look so chic (AND also hides my face)! With the Gucci obsession in full swing I seem to have acquired two pairs since last summer, both of with I love. I am seem you would have seen these quite a lot on IG (linked above). Another firm favourite is my Celine Tilda’s – everyone seems to love these and I can see why. So stylish, so different, so big!! The only thing I find annoying is that are quite big so do seem to slide off my face – but no pain no gain right!!