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Come Fly With Me!

It is that time of year again folks - the sun is out, the last ditch 'bikini diet' attempts are being made, suitcases are being dusted off, we're cruising the travel websites looking for deals (yes Expedia, I'm talking about you) and making our holiday plans!

Despite living in the islands, all of the above still applies to me too (especially the bikini diet part!) and I will be running off to Puerto Rico next week for a bit of an impromptu long weekend away. Want to see what I will be taking with me??

1. & 2. My suitcases - I love and highly recommend them. Linea cases (by House of Fraser) are budget friendly while being hard-wearing, with great internal zipped storage. Yes, I'm geeking out over suitcases, but they really are good. Mine are last season's which are a slightly darker blue, but otherwise the same.

3. Has your holiday truly started until you have Instagrammed your passport and tickets in a stylish passport holder? This beautiful embossed number by Liberty is on my wish-list.

4. Headphones - a must have for any trip away. Pretty self-explanatory, I'll leave it there!

5. If you like to ditch the big suitcase in favour of cramming it all into your hand luggage, like I do - you'll need some travel sized toiletries. These beautiful products from Nuxe (the Huile Prodigieuse is one of my faves) are perfectly portioned and come in their own see-through case - handy!

6. Plane travel dehydrates you - stay hydrated and stylish with this chic marble S'well bottle and (most importantly) say 'no!' to single-use plastic water bottles at the airport.

7., 8., 9. & 10. For no better reason than the fact that they match the loooooooovely passport cover and are really beautiful (obvs.)

11. I never leave home without my portable charger. There’s few things worse than running out of battery with several hours of travel still ahead of you. Trying to get a seat next to the charging stations at the gate is a challenge and then you’re stuck there, camping out, defending your spot and keeping an eye on your valuables. Instead, invest in a portable charger and keep all of your devices topped up on the go! You can put it in that lovely Liberty pouch (9.)

12. & 13. I hate the way the temperature fluctuates on planes and trains and love travelling with a snuggly scarf. I like the look of these two.

14. How cute are these little snack pots? I like to travel with a few of my favourite healthy snacks (almonds, fruit etc.) and these looked perfect for taking your noms with you!
15.&16. Keep eyes cool and comfortable with stick-on eye masks, and then get some sleep with this stylish silk one.

17. After all these adventures are completed and new memories made, it's nice to have a reminder of it all. My camera is one of the first things I pack for a trip away.
Am I forgetting anything? What must have items do you travel with?