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Empties, Slate or Rate? Would I Re-purchase

I really enjoyed preparing for this video! Who knew collecting empty products would be so fun!? Today Im running you through all the makeup, beauty, skincare products I’ve finished and whether I liked them or hated them and whether I would re-purchase!

Lash Boosters

How to get thick luscious lashes with out wearing Mascara sounds unbelievable doesn't it. These lash boosting products will give you fuller lashes in just a few days. Think of the amount of time you will save when you can hop out of bed and just go with beautiful bare lashes.

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Can I wear my serum during the day?

Yes of course, but most serums are designed to work overnight with more potent ingredients than moisturisers. If your serum contains retinol it will increase its sensitivity to the sun so shouldn't be used in the day. Retinol helps minimise the appearance of fine lines working as you sleep.

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Reading Between The Lines

Define your eyes the way you want using the latest beauty favourites. It is time to get that twinkle back so find the right eyeliner for you.

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WAT Beauty Editors Favourite Picks

A long-lasting, healthy glow. We hear so much about it, but what products actually work and keep your skin not only looking great but feeling great. Start your morning routine with a fresh cleanser to wake up your skin.