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The latest from WAT's Men Editors

It's Kiddo, one to watch out for.

We are about to let you into a little secret, his name is Kiddo. The talented UK Singer/Songwriter has released Dancing on your Own and we are big fans. His style is best described as an 80's blend with contemporary Pop and you cannot help but start to bob your head with a smile whilst listening.

@alexanderkenton, @stevebrochill

What Do You Wear When You Head out?

There is a look for every occasion and we have the perfect fit for you. Dress down and focus on comfort throughout the day. Winter jackets and loose fit T's leave you looking stylish and cosy all day.

Keep It Casual

It's time to refresh your casual look and we have all the latest jumpers and sweaters you need to know about. Nothing beats the classic crew cut but every wardrobe needs at least one hoodie in it. Whatever your taste we have just the flavour for you.

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